Masters in Exhibition Design, Shopfittings and Road Shows

To name a few...

We don't like to box ourselves in too much in what we do, but these are definitely part of our specialty focus. We know what people want from our products and services, sometimes before they know themselves... and this is what makes us unique. Experience counts for a lot in this business, so thankfully, we have years of it and we know how to apply it to each project. We've worked with a vast range of different companies, from blue chip clients, to big brands, to large corporates, small businesses and all the colourful folk in-between. You name it, we've done it.

Our Experienced Carpenter at work | Innovation Factory
Our Experienced Welder at work | Innovation Factory
Our Experienced Carpenters at work | Innovation Factory

Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stand design is a primary focus for Innovation Factory. It’s the peanut butter to our bread and the milk to our coffee; it’s something we’re particularly good at and a talent that has spread through word of mouth. We build to any customer specifications, but we also offer informed advice that can steer any exhibition design project towards immediate success.

Find out more about our exhibition stand design projects.


We spent many years keeping up to date with current trends as far as shopfittings go, making sure that our installations were both impressive, functional and totally on the money when it comes to the “wow” factor. After a while, we started setting those trends and have since become one of the go-to groups for shopfitting that makes products come leaping to life.

Check out our shopfittings page.

Road Shows and Product Launches

When we said we do it all, we meant it; including road shows and product launches. Give us your budget, your branding and a deadline, and we can take it from there. We’ve had plenty experience attracting attention at product launches and road shows, so you can expect nothing less than limelight when hiring us to handle the design and implementation for your next event. Yes, we are that good and we’re not shy to admit it.

Read more about our road shows and product launches.

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