Product Launches & Road Shows

Road shows are like road trips with a higher purpose. Granted, that purpose is usually something along the lines of product promotion or involving product launches, but it’s a purpose nonetheless. We happen to think product promotion is the holy grail of purposes, but that’s just us. It might have something to do with the fact that we live and breathe product launches, shopfitting and all that overwhelmingly cool stuff. Road shows and product launches are to Innovation Factory what Linux and uncapped Internet is to geeks. Awesome.

How Can We Help You With Your Next Product Launches & Road Shows?

We can formulate the entire event, minus the travel arrangements, food and accommodation. We can pretty much take care of everything else, from inspiration to stand designs to installations. We’re available to you as consultants offering our pearls of industry wisdom, and we’ll be completely honest with you if we think your idea and execution is not as strong as it could be. We’ll then suggest ways in which you can improve your overall production. We’re also available to you as designers and of course as engineers and manufacturers.

Where the tangible work is concerned, there’s no doubt that we’re giving you the best your money can buy. Our experience in product launches and road shows has spanned almost every industry, and has always resulted in resounding success and a round of applause (or two). Bring your product promotion ideas to us and we’ll formulate a plan that will make people clap for you too!

Essentially what we’re saying is: you can trust us. As Arnie once said: “Come with me if you want to live.” We’re like that, except there’s no threat of death and it’s much more fun.

This will be the best road show you’ve ever hosted, but only if you contact us now to chat about it.