Being Innovation Factory, it’s no surprise that our success is founded on innovative ideas that meet and exceed our clients expectations. Shopfitting is no different and we’ve got years under our belt that speak to this craft alone. We make use of top of the range equipment, fixtures and fittings to make our shopfitting expertise work for you and we’ll always tailor the project towards what suits you most.

What is Shopfitting?

Well, that’s embarrassing… we thought you already knew. Shopfitting is the art of fitting a shop with ergonomic and cleverly designed shelves, racks, cupboards and whatever other features are required. It’s something we take pride in and we make sure we utilise the space as effectively as possible, so as not to forfeit functionality in favour of design. No, that would be silly. In our mind(s), you can have both.

Consumers take for granted that a great percentage of the persuasion behind buying a product comes from how it’s presented; the display, the mounting… the way it sits neatly within the perfect shopfitting design. We will create the ultimate pedestal for your product displays and we’ll do it for you in a cost-effective manner, to spec and to deadline. Trust us with your next design.

Give our shopfitting shop a call or drop us a mail today.

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