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About Innovation Factory

Exhibition Stand Builders

We are Innovation Factory.

We’re a team of incredibly talented individuals who each bring a little spark and flavor to our shopfitting shop. We’re all about making an impression that lasts and what better way to do this than visually? As exhibition stand builders, we’ve always had the opportunity to put our passion into our production by creating custom built exhibition stands that represent our skill, as much as they display the brands of our clients.

The Roots of our Factory

Many of the dedicated staff of Innovation Factory are regarded as seasoned industry stalwarts bringing many years of hard won experience to the company.  We also welcome a host of newbies who are brimming over with the fire and enthusiasm to make things happen as thought leaders and highly skilled industry professionals. Our melting pot of awesome people includes seasoned carpenters, dynamic young tradesmen, project managers and administrators, as well as uber-efficient management staff and specialists. We’re also all really handsome and charming and our blood smells like cologne.

Our Digs

Our team of exhibition stand builders and carpenters operate out of a 2500sqm facility in Randburg – nice and central to the majority of our suppliers. This is the space where all the magic happens and the spot where you’ll find our management  and administrative offices, steel and wood workshops,  machine shop, full spray booth facilities, as well as our furniture store.

They say that size doesn’t matter, but who are “they” anyway? We are proud to boast  one of the most comprehensive and established workshops in the industry. Yes … the whole industry. We have thousands of successful custom builds under our belts and we’ll continue to deliver flawless projects, day in and day out thanks to our generous factory infrastructure, brilliant production team and deadline driven project management division. Our comprehensive vehicle and truck fleet,  also mean that we’re never constrained by logistics as this is all handled in house.

What more do you need? A phone and our contact number, perhaps? You can find that here.

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